LISA MARIE launches her life as an abstract artist with work made during the Covid 19 Crisis of 2020.

Unable to stage a physical show, she has created this online gallery to show work made during lockdown. These photos were made with only an iPhone, inkjet printer and leftover materials at home, and they accompany her other work in sculpture & drawing.

Abstraction is key to Lisa Marie’s process. It is an act of liberation. It is an act of transformation that allows us to return to the familiar but see and experience something wholly new. It speaks to that which cannot be intellectualised, that which must be felt.


This series used simple methods to create abstract images using only card, wire, an iPhone camera, and natural light & shadow. They are inspired by the photography play of Hungarian artist Dóra Maurer (b. 1937) and Bauhaus artist Florence Henri (1893 – 1982).

About the artist

Lisa Marie is breaking free from life in two-dimensions. She has worked as a Production Designer in film and TV for the last 20 years, designing sets on notable shows for Amazon, Apple, the BBC, Channel 4 and Sony. She has spent this time recreating reality in all its glory and ugliness. It has taught her to really look, to see the world we truly inhabit. She has travelled to deserts, slums, palaces and glaciers. She has found enormous inspiration in the human stories of colours, the beauty of the commonplace object, the glow of grime and the magic of the mundane.

For years she has developed her own artistic practice alongside her career and experimented with abstraction in drawing, photography and sculpture. She has created work that is intended for the public domain as large scale abstract sculpture. Viewing her career in film & TV, not as something separate, she embraces it as part of her process now and whilst she is not building replicas of reality, she wants to bring sculpture into architecture, landscape and performance that is not about a script, but about our full sensory experience.

Mise en abyme

Developed during pure play with printed photos of shadows and polyhedral nets and models, this series explores the creation of an abstract image through the combination and degradation of two dimensions.

Shadow Modulator

This series took its inspiration from Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy’s famous “Light Space Modulator”. For these images, a modulator was built with leftover materials that would capture, distort and reflect sunlight to create shadow patterns that form abstract images.

Surface Detail

In documenting her process of drawing, painting and image making, Lisa started to use the camera to record the work but embracing the position and focal length of the camera. This resulted in a series of close-ups of mark making that transform into abstract paintings of their own.

Light Box

In her final series that coincided with the easing of lockdown measures in London, Lisa Marie used images of shadows taken throughout lockdown to create fictional ‘sets’ with the drama of chiaroscuro painted onto the walls.

Sales on request. Contact Lisa Marie here

All images copyrighted to Lisa Marie Hall © 2020

Sales on request. Contact Lisa Marie here

All images copyrighted to Lisa Marie Hall © 2020

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